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5 Creative Uses for Driveway Alarms

Maybe you’ve never used a driveway alarm; maybe you’ve never even seen one. But chances are, you know its function by the name alone. You don’t need to have used a back scratcher to know that it’s used for scratching backs, and you don’t need to have operated a lawnmower to know that it mows […]

Are Hidden Cameras Legal?

Don’t look now. Hidden cameras are everywhere. When you walk into a retail store, roll the dice at a casino craps table, or even babysit the kid next door, you have to assume that the all-seeing invisible eye is watching you. Hidden cameras are big business, but to what extent are they legal? If you […]

Shopping for Cheap Security Cameras – A Simple Guide

Businesses spend tens—sometimes hundreds—of thousands of dollars on quality surveillance equipment, because they understand that the investment more than pays for itself over time. Most of us obviously can’t afford to install that kind of equipment, but most of us don’t have to. Even cheap security cameras can vastly improve your home security, but it’s […]

How to Choose Wireless Spy Cameras

We’re living in an age of James Bond technology, which includes micro-sized camera lenses capable of concealment in clocks, glasses, teddy bears and even electrical outlets. But these cutting-edge spy gadgets aren’t reserved for secretive government agencies; they’re made for regular consumers like you and me. Wireless spy cameras can help you to catch thieves […]

How to Choose the Best Security Monitoring Company

You might think that home security begins and ends in the home, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. For maximum protection, you need a third-party monitoring service that offers 24/7 protection in the event of a security breach. Your monitoring company will notify you of any triggered alarms (assuming that you’re away from home or […]

GPS as a Home Security Solution?

  GPS is changing the world. Thanks to the wonders of global positioning, we can explore the country by car without a map, hike through the mountains without getting lost, and even enjoy safer and more precise airline travel. But did you know that GPS also makes an excellent home security tool? GPS computer software […]

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  • Dummy Cameras. Fake Surveillance Cameras. What's your opinion?

    Dummy Cameras. Fake Surveillance Cameras. What’s your opinion?

    Dummy cameras provide a deterrence factor.  So long as they appear real and give every impression of being real, a criminal may think twice before doing something.  Most criminals operate in the world of secrecy.  The possibility of being identified puts a damper on criminal activity.  So, in that respect, just the sight of cameras […]

  • business-surveillance

    Business Surveillance Cameras – Not Just for Preventing Burglary

      So you’re thinking about installing a surveillance system for your business. Well it’s about time. In today’s world, business surveillance isn’t just a good idea; it’s absolutely essential, and the ideal time to install it is before your company even opens its doors for the first time. Most of us think of business surveillance […]

  • intercom benefits

    Should You Monitor Your Own Alarm System?

      Imagine that a burglar breaks into your home while you’re at work. A high-resolution surveillance camera records footage of the criminal’s face and immediately sends the evidence to your smartphone, along with an alert notifying you of the security breach. You’re then presented with a series of options for how to proceed, whether by […]

  • There’s an App for that

    Are you aware of the fact that mobile apps have completely changed the way we communicate in today’s society ? If not, just simply turn on your vendor’s social media device and surf over to the “app store”. Yes, there’s an app for just about anything amenable.  And with the innumerable new apps being developed […]

  • Portable Home Security

    Portable Home Security

    These days, DIY home security is in the palm of your hands. Literally. Thanks to remote security mobile applications, your home’s total control is always within reach. If you’re not yet taking advantage of these, what are you waiting for? What Is Portable Home Security? The concept of portable home security can mean many things. […]

  • best burglary deterrents

    The Top 10 Burglary Deterrents

      An adequate home security system will usually send burglars running for the hills, but an optimal home security strategy will prevent criminals from entering your home in the first place. With just a few simple but ingenious deterrents at your disposal, you can minimize your chance of becoming a victim and experience heightened peace […]

  • burglary statistics

    The 10 Items Most Likely to be Stolen in a Burglary

    A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in this country, and your home may be a treasure trove of all the goods and valuables that thieves target. By understanding how a criminal thinks, you can minimize your chances of becoming a victim and protect your most coveted property. Here is a list of the 10 most […]

  • LocksOnline EPS Cylinder Review

    LocksOnline EPS Cylinder Review

      LocksOnline is a UK based security retailer that is celebrating 15 years online. Their locksmith has 25 years experience and they focus on providing high levels of customer focus which is the reason why LocksOnline remains as one of the UK’s leaders of providing security products. In this article we are going to discuss […]

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