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PETA working hard to save the animals in Haiti

Now that condition in Haiti is not supportive for the human beings to sustain, the animals who have tolerated the earthquake showing signs of endurance also need some care. It is high time now that the aid providing organizations or groups should spare out some time and see if the animals need any kind of […]

Drug trafficking can be a serious concern for the security of the country

It is shocking news that Afghanistan contributes around 90 % of drugs to all the nations all over the world. Afghanistan is an opium hub and it is well known for the cultivation of maximum opium. The opium cultivation is much more in Afghan and interestingly, they are doing these types of activities effortlessly. Drug […]

Doctors say medical conditions in Haiti are shocking

The doctors who went to help the earthquake victims in Haiti have come out with a view that the medical system of the country is shameful and this is definitely making things tough.  The medical response that the doctors received from the medical services of the country was really poor and this can be known […]

Underlying Causes of Insecurity in Afghanistan

There are some of the main causes of Afghan insecurity and it is very important to move forward to create stable democracy. There are several types of underlying issues of insecurity in Afghanistan and all those issues should be resolved as soon as possible in order to establish peace in the country and in world. […]

Preventive Measures to tackle Child Trafficking in Haiti

The date of 12th January 2010 was the most unfortunate in the history for the people of Haiti. The most disastrous earthquake happened on this day which resulted in the killings of more than 250,000 people and thousands of people were left injured. Ecological problem in Haiti is common and it is not the first […]

Monitor Your Teen's Driving With Surveillance Cameras

Are you worrying too much about your teens and their driving? There are new surveillance cameras that’ll give you an idea of your kids’ driving habits and you can show them proof before they roll their eyes and deny everything. Teen driving Working mommies’ romance with the surveillance cameras starts with nanny cams. They worry […]

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A glance at the condition of bank security in Iraq

Every one is talking about the general security of the people in Iraq, but no one seems to be bothered about the financial or the bank security.  There is no bank security in Iraq and this is the prominent reason that the investors are driving away.  Although there have been some efforts in this direction […]

Iran still not without conditions on the Uranium Deal

Iran although agreed on February 4, 2010 that it would give up its low enriched uranium from the huge stockpiles, but that time also it had kept many conditions for this. It was the view of the Iranian Ambassador that this exchange is going to take place in their territory only and that too concurrently […]

Latest update on food security in Afghanistan

There is absolutely no need to say that the condition of food security in Afghanistan is worth worrying. Despite of the efforts being made by WFP, it seems that the locals are still not having enough food to eat. The remote areas in the country are the most affected ones as these do not have […]

Law and Order breakdown. Making people think who rules them

Desperate people of Haiti are finding it tough to get an answer to various different questions that are cropping in their minds and the prominent one is who is exactly ruling them.  Although there are many shelter camps that have been set up here, but in the absence of any kind of response from the […]

Security in Afghanistan- The Business is being affected

The security threats prevailing in Afghanistan have affected the business badly as the international sectors are not willing to step in here.  If the security conditions in Afghanistan are improved, there are no doubts that the industry over here would be a booming one.  Only those people who have made security as a part of […]

Security in Afghanistan – Many positive hopes taking birth

Even after seven years of neglect the condition of security in Afghanistan still remains the same and more worrying thing is that the condition is deteriorating day by day, at least for the common man.  There have been many political concerns related to the present condition of terrorism prevailing in the country and this has […]

Situation of security in Iraq is uncertain

The condition of security in Iraq is a deteriorating one as even the people who are the inhabitants of this country are not safe. Being under the American control from so many years, now the general public is also saying that if there is nothing effective that the US government can do it would be […]