Rioting in London, Streets are gripped with absolute fear

 Houses, establishments, automobiles and even fire brigades were set on fire early Tuesday morning as London riot police fought to react to plundering and carnage in a third evening of uprisings through the British capital.

 British authorities reported that three individuals had been detained over the supposed attempted killing of a police officer as fierce insurrections swept across London and extended to other metropolises for the first time.

One of the people interviewed said that the streets of London are gripped with absolute fear.The authorities revealed that the accused were arrested and are in custody in the Brent district of Northern London. This was after a police officer was hit by a vehicle and hospitalized. The police officer together with a coworker, who sustained slight injuries, had pulled over a couple of vehicles with the certainty that the occupants had been implicated in the plundering of a neighboring electrical shop.The authorities revealed in a statement that the police officer was really injured as one of the vehicles drove away from the crime scene. It was later pulled over and the three individuals inside the car detained.On Monday, the riots extended to not only the middle class dwellings, but also to improvised districts within London. Violence also spread like bushfire outside London for the first time in the cities of Manchester plus Liverpool which are located in North England. There is a police station which was set ablaze in Birmingham, approximately two hundred kilometers Northwest of London.David Cameron, the British Prime Minister was compelled to cut short his vacation and was being expected to preside over an urgent meeting with various government leaders on Tuesday. The meeting is meant to assess the government’s reaction to the violence that seems to spreading like a bushfire to other cities.At least a total of 300 people have been detained so far and a further 40 charged in violence that started Saturday night following a peaceful demonstration in a North London neighborhood turned ferocious.Persons had assembled in Tottenham to demonstrate the killing of Mark Doggal, who was shot and slain by the local authorities within the same neighborhood on Thursday.So far, more than 1,800 additional riot police have been deployed not only in London, but also in surrounding cities with an aim of providing backup to the to the local police forces. Even after the government responded to some of the issues being raised, the violence still continues.Fighting started in the early afternoon in Hackney, a town situated in Eastern London, where a majority of young men putting on bandanas coupled with masks over their faces broke the windows of an establishment and pillaged shortly after 4 p.m. in the evening.Eyewitnesses revealed that it took approximately thirty minutes for the authorities to get there and to take control off the key streets.Demonstrators hurled cement bricks on top of glass bottles at riot police adorned in riot gear, as onlookers praised them on in a number of cases. There was a young man in a hood who assaulted and kicked a newscaster recording the scene.

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