Fake Security Cameras Deter Thieves

Not plastic! You would never know that this camera is not real. You must see it to believe it! An Excellent Value!

Fake security cameras are replicas of genuine security cameras, which are non-functional, and are only the replicas of the original ones.

The fake security cameras are used to make people believe that the area is under vigil surveillance and in realty they do not do any video monitoring. Very often, there may be trespassers, doing illegal acts. If they see the fake camera it may detour them from the crime for fear of being identified. They are used mostly in places such as homes, business, restaurants or departmental stores, where there are possibilities of minor thefts.

The cheapest variety of fake or dummy cameras comes with plastic lenses instead of the real ones. They can also be the broken real camera or even the outer body of a real one. Whatever it is, its purpose is only to make the people believe that it is monitoring the area. It is very common for real cameras to come in a set with fake ones, which look exactly as the real ones.

Since the fake cameras work is only deluding people, its appearance should be appropriate. The point I want to put across is that it should have a metallic exterior, as the real ones. You can check the 05-WI battery operated fake camera by Winn Security Products. If has an anodized aluminum solid metallic exterior and a blinking light so as to look original.

This fake security camera is an exact match to real cameras. Winn Security Products challenges you to see the difference. Winn Dummy Cameras are the most realistic simulated video cameras on the market today. Winn fake security cameras will fool criminals into believing you have a real video camera system. This dummy camera can be installed easily in seconds and designed for indoor or outdoor use. Looks identical to the real cameras others sell with a flashing red LED light.

You don’t want to announce to everyone that you are using fake surveillance cameras. You want to let everyone think, except the people that need to know, that you have more than one security camera. Having these cameras will help you have respectable security because when burglars see the dummy cameras they will usually move on because they don’t want to take a chance of getting caught on video and they won’t know that you are only using dummy security cameras

If you need more than one and an even more accurate replica, you can go for the video security 4-piece bullet dummy cameras. They come in a set of four and are mounted on brackets and have real lenses. Many thieves are capable enough to differentiate between a real and fake lens! For them this can be ideal.

In places where security is a necessity, the dome ceiling mount dummy cameras are in lots of areas. In this type too, fake cameras are available. Now this can be put anywhere including your house or office. It stands around 2.74 inches and looks like the exact copy of the original. This too has a red light blinking to ensure its authenticity.

Many real cameras are installed with motion sensors, so that the camera turns side to side when it detects movement. There are dummy cameras that due this also. With a motion sensors installed into them, for even if it is not monitoring, yet it can sense movement and move, thereby giving the impression that it is real. Thus some fake security cameras are quiet functional!

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  1. fake security cameras must be used in places where there are risk of real cameras getting damaged . few criminals even try to break off the cameras before they do anything but they even can be cheated by installing fake cameras as a showpiece any hidden cameras to catch hold criminals

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