Security Tips When Staying at a Hotel

There has been a rise in number of cases of theft and other crimes at hotels. The main reason why most travelers lose their luggage while on a cruise or a flight is because of the false sense of security that they have. Burglary cases have been reported at some of the leading hotels in the world. Robbers know that guests at these hotels are lax because of the environment they are in.

The next time you are planning to stay at a 5 star hotel such as Hilton or Intercontinental, remember that you have to be cautious. Taking an extra measure will save you from the heartache of having to shop for new clothes at your holiday destination because of theft.

Discussed herein, are safety tips you need to observe at all time when staying at a hotel so as to guarantee the safety of your family and luggage:

Security checks prior to reserving a room

Illustrated below, are the security checks you need to do before reserving a room:

-          Confirm whether the security staffs at the hotel have upgraded their security training over the last one year. Remember, robbers are often devising new ways of breaking into a hotel and getting away with their illegal activities without being noticed. Of great concern are terrorist threats. Are the hotel staffs well trained to deal with any terrorist threat?

-          Emergencies such as fire and flooding can occur without warning. Therefore, you need to make sure that the hotel you are making reservations with has an emergency evacuation procedure for its guests.

-          Does the management carry a background check on all the employees before hiring them? The hospitality industry is usually the biggest target for thieves and other robbers. As such, some of these hoodlums will pose as staff so as to gain easy access to guest property.

-          Are their security guards who are stationed at the hotel 24/7? Security guards are well trained to deal with certain situations which other staff members might not be able to handle. Hence, it is critical that the hotel hires security guards on a permanent basis.

-          Has the hotel installed smoke detectors in all the rooms? The best way to fight fire is to prevent it in the first place. Smoke detectors function in putting off any fire outbreak the moment it happens and alerting the right authorities on time.

Security checks once you have checked in at the hotel

The following are security checks you need to verify once you have checked in at the hotel:

-          Does the receptionist direct you to your room discreetly or does she announce it to the whole world? The key to ensuring your safety after checking in is making certain that only you and the receptionist knows of your room. If the receptionist happened to have announced your room loudly, insist on being given another room immediately. You never know who may follow you to your room.

-          Request the security personnel to acquaint you with the floor plan of the room you are staying in.

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  1. Jonathan Payne says:

    Always a good reminder to people to think safety while on vacation. We get caught up in all the excitement that we often forget to do all the necessary safety checks.

  2. Lilliana says:

    Actually like your web sites particulars! Undoubtedly an exquisite offer of data that’s extremely helpful. Stick with it to hold publishing and i’m gonna proceed studying by way of! Cheers.

  3. Tegan says:

    There are several options for hidden video cameras that can be left is your room as well. Hidden cameras can be any any thing from an alarm clock to a fake power plug. It’s never a bad idea to have an extra set of eyes watching your belongings.

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