A Variety of Self Defense Weapons Designed To Keep You Safe

Self defense weapons are available everywhere and you may not know where to begin to find the best one for your personal safety needs. There are several ways to determine which product will fit your individual needs and you need to arm yourself with knowledge to make the right decision.

Pepper spray is one of the best known self defense products on the market. Pepper spray is a very effective way to defend yourself and property and it is fairly easy to operate. You can find a large variety of many types of pepper spray and you can find a type that will be perfect for your lifestyle.

Pepper spray comes in a form that you can easily place on a key ring and it will be right there if you need it. If you workout or jog, there are also forms of pepper spray that you can use while jogging or exercising. This makes pepper spray a great self defense product that can keep you safe in an emergency.

If you are an avid camper or spend time outdoors where bears or other animals are located, you may also want to keep pepper spray available if a wild animal should get too close. You can find pepper spray made directly to keep you safe from bears and other wild life and this is a great tool to have while you are camping or hiking.

A recent news story about self defense was reported at tinyurl.com, offering the following information, “F.B.I. statistics show that if a woman shows resistance, she has about a 75 percent chance of getting away or of having minor injuries, Cornwell said. He gave tips for prevention of attacks, one of which was to not talk on the phone while walking alone at night. It can distract a woman from her surroundings. He also said all women should buy a cheap wallet and fill it with fake credit cards and a $1 bill so that if someone approaches a woman, she can throw it on the ground as a diversionary tactic.”

Weapons for self defense are a great way for college students to remain safe on campus. A college campus is a breeding place for crime and many of the crimes happen to young, college women. Pepper spray or other weapons can prevent a college student from becoming a victim.

You will want to know how to operate any weapon you purchase to use for self defense. You can find a friend or family member that has a weapon and see if they will let you practice with theirs. Once you receive your weapon, you will want to try it out before you have to use it in an emergency. This is the best way to utilize your weapon to its fullest capacity.

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