Alarm Monitoring – Information at your Fingertips

If you need to keep an eye on what is going on in your home or business then you’ll need a security system that provides you with alarm monitoring facilities and other valuable information, and can deliver that information to the right person quickly.

Security systems range in their level of sophistication and complexity and the system you decide to purchase will determine the amount of information you can gain from alarm monitoring, real time surveillance and recording. Whatever your security needs are you need to identify them clearly to ensure you purchase a system that will address those needs adequately.

There are many security systems on the market and the high capacity systems not only offer an outstanding level of security but can be a source of valuable information that may prevent loss of property and enhance the safety of employees or family members. The deterrent factor of a good security system cannot be overlooked either.

The Honeywell Vista 20P Security Kit gives you the capacity to monitor 48 different zones and includes internet upload/download plus graphic keypad support and dual partitions. The internet interface with the security system allows you to send alarm signals and improve the speed at which information can be delivered to and from the control panel. A 100 event log is also viewable at system keypads complete with a date and time stamp.

Security systems can be hard wired or wireless, or a hybrid of the two. The GE Concord Hardwired/Wireless Kit is a hybrid system that is suitable for commercial and domestic applications. The wireless Learn Mode sensors and touch-pads provide you with an instant overview of the security of your premises. The system can also be expanded to incorporate a Phone Interface/Voice Module for on-site and off-site system control using touch-tone phones. Voice modules allow for speaker output for on-site voice status and message alarms.

If you are renting or on a budget there are plenty of alarm monitors to help provide you with security and peace of mind. The AAA+ Smart Home Centre is quick to install and offers real value for money. This completely wireless system not only functions as a security system, but monitors your property by providing alert notifications when the system is not armed. The control panel will call the pre-programmed emergency phone numbers and the siren will sound when break-in occurs. In addition the system can turn household appliances and lights on or off even if you are away from your home. It can be controlled by dialling in from any touch tone phone, which makes it even more convenient and powerful.

Your security system is your first line of defence for your home and business. The right security system and alarm monitoring set up for your needs can provide you with valuable information and peace of mind when you’re away from your home or business premises. Connection to your phone allows you to monitor your security system and change settings without being on the premises. Alarm monitoring has never been easier.

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