Alarm Systems are a Sound Investment

Is your home or business in need of a good alarm system? If someone wanted to break in how easy would it be for them to do so? How vulnerable are your family or employees to intruders? How much money are you losing from shoplifting and theft? If you can’t answer any of these questions with calm confidence then you probably need to start to improve your home or business security with an alarm system. There are a huge range of alarms on the market and there is definitely one to suit your individual needs and your budget.

The most important aspect of security is working out where the most vulnerable parts of your home or business are. Once you have had a good hard look at your premises and identified the security priorities you can then work out what you need to install in order to deter potential intruders or thieves.

Most thieves are opportunistic – if your home or business looks unsecured then you become an easy target. Open doors or windows, simple locks on doors, or a windows and doors that are hidden from view are invitations to thieves who are looking for quick entry and a fast, unnoticed get away. Similarly a shop without security cameras or back door alarms can be an open invitation to thieves to try their luck even while staff members are on the premises.

Technology has come a long way in recent years and wireless alarm systems can be a DIY installation that is cost effective for small business and home security. They’re often very flexible allowing you to add more elements to the system as your needs grow or your budget allows. These alarm systems can be as simple as a motion sensor on vulnerable doors or windows through to fully integrated systems that can monitor your perimeter, door and windows, smoke detectors and can even include indoor and outdoor cameras relaying real time images. Many of these alarm systems can be linked to your email or touch tone phone and can also be accessed via control panels.

Hardwired systems can provide you with a huge range of security options. They tend to be more expensive to buy and install, however if you have an expensive residence, a large work environment, or your premises contains items of significant value, they should certainly be considered.

Home alarm systems can also be used to help you keep a check on what is happening within your own home. Door alarms can alert you if an elderly family member is taking an unexpected wander. Pool gates can be monitored so you can receive a timely warning if children are intending to go for an unsupervised swim. These very simple alarm systems can prevent a potentially tragic accident from occurring. Installing an alarm system can also net you a reduction in your home insurance premiums, so your one-off investment can save you money every year.

Unfortunately we can no longer trust everyone that enters our home or business, but you can reduce risk and stop potential intruders well before they present a danger to anyone you care about by installing an alarm system. The cost of alarm systems ranges significantly so you’re likely to find an alarm system to suit your needs and your budget. No matter how much you spend, the additional peace of mind will be priceless!

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