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Homeland Security Equipment – Gas Masks

Homeland security is the number one goal for the United States Government and it should be goal for all the citizens. The deadly attacks on Sept. 11 and the recent London bombings have highlighted the importance of safety and security and emergency preparedness throughout the world. The homeland security threat level has been raised to […]

Smart Tips For Making Your Home Fire Safe

As the fires in southern California wind down, the process of rebuilding lives and properties begins. One thing that all those affected by the recent firestorm probably have in common, and something we share as well, is the thought that something like this happens to others – not to me. Unfortunately, it does happen – […]

Young Adult Safety

Is your teenager safe?  The teenage years are those first baby steps into adulthood that challenge young people to choose right from wrong, wise from unwise, safe from dangerous.  If you have children of middle school or high school age, young adult safety is likely a major issue in your household.  Here are a few […]

Helping Fight Crime In The Community

Criminal damage, drunken behaviour, stabbings, general anti social behaviour and even the occasional shooting are just some of the things you might witness on the streets of the UK, across Europe and the United States. So faced with potential trouble makers on their doorsteps on any given day or night of the year what can […]

Non Lethal Self-Defense Weapons

Are you afraid of walking around a big city because you do not want to be assaulted? The fear of being assaulted is a fear that haunts many people. It is important that you look into ways to protect yourself, and one of the best ways to do that is with self-defense weapons. This article […]

Protect Your PC – Avoid Spyware And Adware

Spyware is tracking software that is secretly planted on your computer, and used to gather information about your browsing habits. Adware is advertising that comes loaded with freeware and shareware programs. When you use adware-supported programs, you will see ads popping up happening all over your computer screen at regular intervals. Both adware and spyware […]

Teenager Safety

Teenagers are moving towards adulthood on a bumpy road these days, but you can set some teenager safety rules that help young people feel independent while acting responsibly.    Teenager Safety:  On the Road   Their driver’s license is often a teenagers first real taste of real freedom, and they may get caught up in […]

Self Defense Curriculum Is Now Being Taught To High School Girls To Prevent Them From Becoming Victims

Do you have a teenage daughter that is in high school right now, but will eventually be leaving for college? There are many parents in this situation right now, but many of these parents don’t think about what can happen to their daughters once they are out on their own, until they have to or […]

A Variety of Self Defense Weapons Designed To Keep You Safe

Self defense weapons are available everywhere and you may not know where to begin to find the best one for your personal safety needs. There are several ways to determine which product will fit your individual needs and you need to arm yourself with knowledge to make the right decision. Pepper spray is one of […]

Now You Can Protect Yourself With Self Defense Video Clips

If you think that a personal attack cannot happen to you, you should think again. Anyone can become a victim very quickly and it does not matter where you live no one is immune. There are several things you can do including using self defense video clips to help you protect yourself and prevent becoming […]