Customer Reviews | Vista 20P Honeywell Alarm

Easy to setup and use
I thought my project was going to be difficult after opening and reviewing the directions. Is so easy to setup and all the features have worked flawlessly. Great product. I keep expanding the system every couple of months.

This is the first hard wired system that I have installed. Installation was easy. The programing was a little challenging, but once I contacted support the programing went very smooth. The system is up and running. We are very satisfied with this system.

Easy to use system
takes a long time 2 set up though.. Great buy.. Cheap pricing for such a good, reliable system too!!

Everything you need
The Ademco Vista 20P is a security system that will do just about anything and does it with ease. I bought this system and added a 16-zone wireless expansion module. Everything from the can to the accessories are built with quality. I’m amazed at how far the wireless transmitters can communicate. This system does way more than I need but is built with the quality I demand! I recommend two things: 1- READ the install manual many, many times. Seriously people, you’ll just get lost. I’m an Electrical Engineer and skipping over the manuals is something I usually do…don’t do it here! Installing the hardware is simple, easy and fun. That said, until you learn Ademco’s programming methods, you might get lost. Once you figure out how to enter data fields, etc. it goes pretty quick. It took me about two days to get things going after spending a day running wires. I used 18/4 shielded wire for keypads and motions and 20/4 for everything else. 2- Use the Security Forum and the experts there to help you out. For the forum alone, you should buy from!!!

Great Alarm Kit, Great Price
The Honeywell Ademco V20P is a tremendous (although complex) system that should rigorously satisfy requirements ranging from basic home security to business burglary protection. The programming takes a bit to learn, however, once you do, this system can do nearly anything that is needed. The level of customization is almost endless – your system can truly be personalized to tell you EXACTLY what is going on in your home. From a design point, it appears that the more zones you can add (buy expansion modules) the finer level of detail you can report. I have designed my system to identify all doors separately by easily understood names (Front Door, Back Patio Door, Garage Entry Door, Family Room Door etc.) which means a separate zone for each door. I have then grouped all the opening windows in a given room into it’s their own zones – again with names that everyone in the house understands. My system has the ability to detail exactly which room in my home has been compromised. I will need yet another expansion module for my passive IR zones. The keyfob activation/deactivation was a bit tricky at first, however, once you understand the programming basics they work very well – you need the RF receiver expansion module to use the keyfobs. For the do-it-yourselfer this system takes some serious study of the manuals to set up – I guess if it were too easy then it could be defeated more easily. I am an electrical engineer who normally skims the manual and has no trouble even on the most complex equipment – don’t try that with this. The flexibility, power, and ultimate ease of use (after properly programed) make this a great system for those who want a really comprehensive professional alarm system. It is really worth the time it took to learn it!

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