DSC Power 832 | DSC Security Alarm Review

Power 832 Security Panel by DSC Security provides the versatility, dependability, and usability you require in your home or small business.  DSC Security offers you a fully customizable system, designed specifically for your needs, with the extensive range of available upgrades and options.  Power 5 Security Panels are simple to install, easy to program, and extremely user friendly.

Not user friendly
The only good side to this system is the price. Other than that, this system is very difficult to program, and the keypad is not ideal for first time users. Keypad is very difficult to understand that they mean with unfriendly signs and lights. Rather get basic led lighted keypad… should be much easier to use. It takes good 2-3 evenings to figure out how to program this system fully. Be sure to keep this manual handy because you’ll need them to reprogram for any other reason. I recommend GE NX series instead…much easier to program and use.

Great Setup
Being New to Home Alarm installation/programming, this was a feat in itself for me. Programming was a pain, the DLS software is a must. Thank goodness I have a friend who knows the DSC system well, or I’d still be tried to program the thing. Added the wireless module to it chose it over the wireless all in one setup, didn’t like the idea of yanking the unit out of the wall to kill it. Anyways, love the sleek look, functions and expandability.

If you were hoping for a big update from the previous DSC Power 832, prepare to be disappointed. Sure you can plod through programming from the more expensive keypads, but the computer interface is still good-old 1980’s serial port. I had to look high and low for a computer old enough to support DSC’s outdated system to load their ‘newest’ 2002 DLS software. USB would have been a thoughtful (if not competitive) upgrade for the ‘new’ models

Very impressed
for the price I am very pleased with all the features and versatility of this unit. Fairly easy to install (I’m a first timer). Programming instructions are a bit pretty difficult to follow at first- But no problem after you get the hang of it. I highly recommend going to the DSC website and downloading all the manuals- there are 3 in total- It helps with the programming

DSC Power 1832 Security Kit
Replaced my old system with this one and I’m very pleased with it. I will add that I’m a do-it-yourselfer, not an alarm tech, and found the programming instructions to be somewhat confusing. So, I had to call tech support for help. The Home Security Store Tech Support people were great! They were pleasant, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They had me up and running in no time. I’d recommend the Home Security Store to friends.

Works good
This works great, there were no normally open contacts in the sensor that came with it. The unit does program easily if you follow the steps. I would have no problem buying another one for my house.

DSC 832 systems are great
I installed the DCS system in my son’s home about a year ago. It was so easy to hard wire and program that I purchased the same system for my own home. My wife loves it and feels very safe at night…….The customer support at THE HOME SECURITY STORE was a blessing. I you’re just a little bit handy, you can install this system….

DSC 1832 Installation SHEETS
The DSC 1832 is an upgraded version of the DSC POWER 832 system. I think that the system itself is just fabulous… especially considering the cost. However, I must protest the replacement of the Programming Manuals that accompanied the 832 System with Huge Sheets of paper.. The Manuals at least had a FLOW which made it easier to follow as compared to the large difficult to navigate Programming Sheets that replaced the Manuals. For the infrequent user (My 8th system over a 3.5 year period) I think that the bulky Sheets in multi language format are at best difficult to use in the field. I suppose that a tabletop programming session prior to installing the panel would simplify the final programming. That however seems like an unnecessary and time consuming task. In addition the print size was made painfully small to fit on a 16 by 24 inch sheet. It is so small that for those of us with eyesight of lesser than 10/20 need a magnifying glass further adding to the inconvenience. It should be noted however that The Home Security Store still runs a First Class Tech Service and is still great in helping to overcome the confusion as it is encountered in the field. I would, and will continue to purchase and install DSC Security Systems from the Home Security Store!

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