Dummy Cameras | How To Use Dummy Surveillance Cameras

As more and more criminals get busted for being caught on camera, more and more home and business owners are putting greater trust in surveillance cameras. In fact, people find them so effective that they’re gone as far as to installing dummy surveillance cameras, confident that their presence alone will work as a deterrent.

How Dummy Surveillance Cameras Work. Surveillance Dummy cameras, strictly speaking, do not work. They are only used for show, and in some cases, their presence is indeed sufficient in discouraging unlawful and undesirable activities. Dummy surveillance cameras are cheaper than actual working cameras and given the right type and location, they can be quite effective in keeping a place safe and secure.

Advantages of Using a Dummy Surveillance Camera

It’s affordable. As mentioned earlier on, dummy cameras cost less than actual working surveillance cameras, allowing home and business owners to maintain a cheaper security system with reasonable success.

It can be effective. As long as people can’t get close enough to see the truth for themselves, their presence alone could deter wrongdoers from pushing through with their plans.

Disadvantages of Using a Dummy Surveillance Camera

It lulls people into having a false sense of security. If your dummy security system has effectively deterred criminal activity for a certain period of time, it could get you to think that you’ve got a fail-proof security system on hand. It could make you forget that your system isn’t really working and that when it’s discovered for when it is then the area you wish to secure is immediately rendered defenseless.

It can be ineffective. The wrong location and keen observation can easily lead a person to discover the truth about your dummy surveillance cameras. And when that does happen then wrongdoers who have found out the truth will know they probably do whatever they want and you won’t have the means to immediately stop them.

Tips for Setting up a Dummy Surveillance Camera System Aim for authenticity. Make it as realistic as possible. Don’t just buy any dummy surveillance camera. Choose the type of model people would immediately know you can afford and one that’s suitable for the area it’s supposed to secure.

Use strategic locations. Place it where you’d normally position an actual surveillance camera. Make sure, however, it’s also placed where it won’t be have easy reach, far enough so that the truth about its function won’t be discovered.

Consider future needs. Lastly, don’t forget to take into consideration the type of dummy camera you will need in case you wish to incorporate it with a working surveillance camera system.

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