Fingerprint door lock technology isn’t something you only see on TV

 Do you or someone in your household misplace your keys? Don’t worry any longer; with the new technologies that are available there are great options for you and your loves.
Some of the technologies available are Fingerprint door locks (Biometrics), Keyless keypad door locks and smart card readers.Fingerprint door lock technology isn’t something you only see on TV. It’s real and available for everyone and to any homeowner. The convenience of a fingerprint door lock is the ability to just touch and enter your home instead of digging into your handbag and trying to find you keys or sorting through several keys on a key ring. These types of locks are generally powered by batteries; the locks have LCD lights which gives you a low voltage indicator so you will be prepared to replace the battery. It can be amazing the peace of mind a fingerprint door lock can provide. When you think how you would feel if you lost your keys and a criminal minded person was able to access your home.How about a Fingerprint garage door opener? The Fingerprint garage door opener is an excellent way to give children, family or friends access without keys. This isn’t a portable garage door opener like the one you have in your car: rather it gets installed on the side of the house by the garage. Instead of giving your kids a pin code to a home security system that they have to remember or a house key that could be lost, you can add their print to the device. Keep in mind if this allows access into the home it can be the only access anyone will need.

The first keyless entry system was developed for the hotel industry the early 1980’s. The keyless locks such as a digital keypad, smart card readers and remote control deadbolt locks have become very popular for homeowners.

The advantages of keyless entry is allowing you to give different codes to different individuals and when they no long need access to your home you can just remove the code. For homeowners who want keyless convenience that’s not so unobtrusive, a hardwired keypad can be an option. Most hardwired keyless keypads are installed on wall or somewhere near the door and connect to a DC transformer power source. This will allow the homeowner to have any latch door handle they wish or suits your personal style.

With certain keyless door locks you can integrate into your current home security system. The benefit is if someone tries to enter a wrong code several times the alarms will activate and shut down the keyless key pad.

Wireless remote deadbolt locks are very similar to a wireless key you may have to lock and unlock your car door. Most remote deadbolt locks can be installed in a conventional home owner’s door. The wireless remote deadbolt lock works very similar to that of wireless car door opener, you have a transmitter and you can push the button and your deadbolt is opened. The radio frequency varies by the brand and price, it will be up to you decide the length of the frequency you desire and choose according.

Smart card reader locks have been installed and used by businesses for several years; these locks work by waving a card in front of the reader and it senses the chip and will unlock the door. This lock has the greatest advantages for the visually or physically handicapped. Just remember a card is very similar to a key and can be misplaced.

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