Fingerprint Door Locks

Wasn’t it really cool when you were watching those Sci-Fi movies and they had Fingerprint Door Locks!

The future has arrived. Now you can have fingerprint door locks installed in your home or office.  You no longer have the problem of losing keys or changing locks or forgetting your PIN, as long as you have your finger you have access.

The locks are easy to install for any reasonably competent handyman. They run on AA batteries and the system memory will hold up to 99 finger imprints. They are weatherproof so you can install them on your exterior doors as well.

When you no longer want an individual to have access, all you have to do to is delete their fingerprint record from the system and they’re off – too easy.  Similarly, giving a new person access is a very simple process.

Need to get into the house in a hurry? When you are in a hurry you normally fumble with keys – with a fingerprint lock, all you do is hold your thumb to the reader and access is assured.

Some people just can’t seem to help themselves, they lose keys all the time – no longer a problem with fingerprint locks. With PIN operated entry you can never be sure who is passing on their PIN to undesirables, with fingerprint locks your thumb is yours and yours alone, so security is much tighter.

Are you ready for Fingerprint Door Locks at your home or office?

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