Flood Alarms Can Save You Thousands

Do you need a flood alarm? We all love to go for a swim at the beach or the local pool. Splashing about in the water is great fun, but when your home unexpectedly turns into a water hole it’s far from amusing. Water damage can devastate a home but you can take steps to prevent an expensive accident by installing a flood alarm. Whether you have a basement that’s prone to flooding or a hot water heater that may spring a leak at any time, your home flood alarm can help you act quickly to minimize the damage.

Imagine the excitement of going away on a holiday. You lock the house, cancel the papers and ask your neighbours to feed your cat. You have a fantastic time, soaking in the sun, taking hundreds of photos, eating great food and seeing sights you’ve never seen before. You arrive home after a long flight and unlock you front door looking forward to putting your feet up – only to be met with the devastation of a flooded home. If only you had installed a flood alarm.

Everyone has a water heater and over time these heaters will corrode – the trouble is you can’t see it happening. Because the water in your heater is under pressure, even the smallest of holes can led to a huge water leak. Installing a Flood Stop System for Water Heaters will give you complete peace of mind. This system works by shutting off the water supply to the water heater as soon as a leak is detected. The best thing is that all other household appliances and fixtures remain operational, so your fridge and freezer will keep working.

Flood alarms can be connected to your home alarm or auto-dialler system – so if your flood alarm goes off you can still enjoy your holiday in the knowledge that everything else in your home is operating and the water will remain closed to the water heater until the problem is attended to and the alarm reset.

Washing machines are another potential flooding device that can cause enormous damage to your home and property. The Flood Stop System for Washing Machines has two valves that screw into the hot and cold water inlets. A sensor is placed at the back of the machine and when water is detected the valves close, shutting off the water supply. All other appliances in your home remain operational and the valve won’t reopen until the problem is attended to and the system is reset.

If you are concerned about your basement flooding or your water tank overflowing you can get a sensor that will set off an alarm when water connects with it. Wireless systems make installation simple and the alarm gives you plenty of time to take action to prevent costly damage to your home.

For just over one hundred dollars, a flood alarm can be an economical investment that can save you thousands of dollars and weeks of inconvenience. If you’d prefer to confine your swimming activities to the beach or pool, consider a flood alarm.

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