Home Security – Protect Your Loved Ones & Your Property

Are you concerned about home security? Fifty years ago you could leave your front door open all day with very little fear of someone coming into your home uninvited. Unfortunately times have changed and you can no longer trust everyone who walks up to your front door. Home security is now vital to ensure your loved ones are safe and your property and possessions are protected.

Spending a relatively small amount of money can help prevent you becoming a victim of crime. Most intruders are only interested in breaking into your home if it seems like an easy target. Deterring them is easy and there are a huge range of home security devices and alarms available to suit your needs and your budget.

Home security begins with deterring potential intruders. If you are on a tight budget then you might consider the Audioguard Audio Burglar Deterrent as a good starting point. This package includes three CD’s which can be played while you are out or away on vacation. The CD’s have recorded household sounds to give the impression that someone is home. These non-vocal sounds include vacuum cleaners, hammering, chairs and door sounds and are an effective way of deterring someone from breaking into your home.

Security cameras are also a great investment but you can reduce the cost while still giving the impression that you are fully surveying your premises by supplementing the number of cameras you have with fake ones. These dummy cameras look just like the real thing and a potential intruder will not be able to tell them apart from a real camera.

Noise is a great deterrent and alarms on your doors and windows will send most potential thieves packing. Perimeter alarms are also a great way to stop intruders as soon as they walk onto your property. These motion sensor alarms can be wired or wireless and you can usually install them yourself. Some can be linked to your light system to turn on exterior lights, which is great if you’re planning a trip away, or you often arrive home late at night.

Having solid locks on your doors and windows is another basic yet very important element of your home security plan. Whether you choose sturdy deadbolts or Fingerprint door locks, controlling access to and from your home is essential.

Home security doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. A few dollars well spent can deter potential intruders and give you peace of mind. Start by considering where your home is most vulnerable and look at ways you can make it more secure. Consider any money spent an investment. You might even be able to offset some of the cost by obtaining a reduction in your home insurance premium – many insurance carriers offer discounts for homes that have good security.

Replacing stolen property is costly and inconvenient, but being a victim of crime can cost much more than that in terms of your personal and mental well being. Home security systems are simply a very worthwhile investment.

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