Home Security Is on Everyone’s Minds These Days

Home security is on everyone’s minds these days, as we Americans are feeling more and more vulnerable in our homes, neighborhoods, cities, and even our country. Do what you can to secure your own little part of the world by increasing your home security.

Nowadays, deadbolts and a Doberman aren’t enough. Sophisticated criminals get past such home security measures, and violent criminals know how to bypass your basic home security. You have to fight to keep them out. Home Security Store gives you the defenses and the weapons to protect your castle.

The Statistics

It may shock you to know that more than 40 percent of break-ins occur during the day, in broad daylight. Criminals know when you are away at work or school, and they take that chance to smash-n-grab. Secure your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because you never know when a criminal will strike.

Basic Home Security

Though basic home security may not be enough, it should not be ignored. Protecting your home starts with three basic home security measures: lock up, yard work, and light up.

1) Lock Up

Begin by installing sturdy locks on all your doors and windows. It may be tempting to leave the door unlocked when you are home, or to leave the window open on a hot night, but that is poor home security. Home security common sense requires you to remain vigilant at all times, and that includes properly securing yourself in your home.

2) Do Some Yard Work

Next, trim back bushes from lower windows. Criminals can easily hide in bushes and break in through windows. Trees provide problems as well, so cut tree limbs that create easy access to upper stories. The thought of someone scaling a tree to break into your home may seem implausible, but it happens. Total home security is a must, no matter how unlikely something seems to you.

3) Light Up

Finally, put the criminal in the spotlight — literally. Light up your property with motion sensor lights or flood lights that leave criminals nowhere to hide. Home security starts by making criminals NOT want to break into your home. Shedding some light on the matter may be enough to drive them away.

Three Best Home Security Options

But what if this criminal is particularly determined to get past your basic home security? Not to fear, because technological advances have made home security into a powerful art form.

Home Security Stores offer a wide variety of methods to protect your home and family. Home security can mean alarms, locks, motion sensors, safes, and personal safety devices.

Option 1: Alarms

When we hear the term home security, alarms are what we might think of first. Whether wired or wireless, home security alarm systems are a major deterrent for criminals. They monitor points of entry, such as doors and windows, or they monitor for motion when the home should be empty.

• Motion Sensor Home Security

Motion sensor home security monitors and detects when unauthorized motion occurs in what should be an empty home. Modern motion sensor home security can even distinguish between a pet and a criminal, making this method of home security even more effective and dependable. Install a motion sensor home security alarm system in your home and know you have no unwelcome guests.

• Window Break Home Security

Windows are a popular point of entry because they are made of breakable glass. But there are home security devices that can detect when that glass is broken, setting off an alarm and scaring away the intruder.

Option 2: Motion Sensor Floodlights

We’ve already suggested good lighting around the exterior of your home, but you can save some energy by installing home security motion sensor floodlights that only come on when motion is detected. Security professionals highly recommend floodlights as a criminal deterrent.

Option 3: Security Cameras

How about having your home guarded 24/7 by a watchful eye? Security cameras, which are popular with merchants and other businesses, are fast becoming popular home security devices as well. A home security camera system monitors and records activities going on anywhere around your house. You can monitor a live feed or secretly tape what’s going on when you are away from home. Cameras act as an excellent deterrent and are extremely useful in the prosecution of criminals. Home security cameras catch them in the act.

So Many More Options

You have many options in home security. Complete home security means securing your home from more than just intruders. Protect yourself and your family from a variety of emergencies with:

• Smoke Alarms
• Heat Sensors
• Fireproof Safes
• Freeze Alarms
• Temperature Sensors
• Water Alarms
• Water Sensors
• Carbon Monoxide Detectors
• Personal Safety Alarms
• Pepper Spray
• Panic Buttons
• Guide Lights
• Voice Dialers
• Biometric Readers
• Wireless Intercoms

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