Intercom Systems and Home Security

Intercom systems are a type of access control system that is increasingly used as a home security measure. Such systems allow families to communicate within a house, as well as allowing homeowners to monitor visitors, and let them in and out with the simple press of a button.

When most people think of an intercom system, they think of the traditional telephone and door buzzer set-up. However, Intercom systems come in a variety of types to suit different home and workplace security needs.

What types of intercom systems are available, and why should you use them?

Today’s intercom systems often involve a one-way video component, allowing homeowners to see who is at their front door or gate. These intercom systems allow homeowners to view and talk to would-be visitors, without necessarily having to open the door to them. This can be an essential home security feature for families, particularly for family with children who might otherwise open the door to strangers, leaving themselves and your home vulnerable to unwelcome visitors.

Families can also install a networked intercom system that allows communication within a house. This is particularly useful for large or busy homes, or homes that are not open-plan. The intercom units can be installed in strategic places, such as at the front and back doors, in the parents’ bedroom, and upstairs, to ensure instant and easy communication. An intercom placed in an infant’s room can also function as a baby monitor, allowing parents to hear or view their baby, particularly at night.

What should you consider when installing an intercom system?

When installing an intercom system, you should take into account the type of system to be implemented, as well as its features and the role you expect it to play in your home security plan. Consider its range of access, as well as its sound quality, particularly if it is going to be used for communication within the home, or for monitoring young children. You should check to see that the system offers both AC and battery power supply, in case one or the other fails.

What are the security risks of an intercom system?

While intercom systems can enhance home security and offer convenience, allowing busy home owners to save time by avoiding having to let someone in without manually opening a front door or gate, users need to exercise caution about how intercom systems are used.

Adults should ensure that children are taught only to let in family members or friends; adults should also exercise discretion when allowing visitors to enter their home. All family members should ensure that important or personal information is not given over the intercom.

If your home is part of an apartment complex, it’s wise to only admit your own visitors, and never visitors who ask to be admitted for some other purpose or reason.

While intercom systems are an excellent home security feature, offering enhanced security along with improved communication within the home, they can only be as safe as their users. If you exercise appropriate caution when communicating with or letting in visitors, your intercom system will be a valuable and useful component of your home security system.

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