Making the Most your Home Security Measures

So you’ve finally decided to get serious about your home security, and you’ve done all the right things. You’ve installed high quality security lighting, intercom and alarm systems, and new and improved locks. You’re safe from burglars, surely – after all, what kind of burglar would bother robbing a house that boasts such a fabulous security system?

While this is certainly true, having the biggest and the best in home security isn’t necessarily enough. However, there are a number of ways to make the most out of your new home security system.

Advertise Your Home Security Measures

Often, the only way a burglar is going to find out that you have a state-of-the-art alarm system is by breaking in and setting it off. To give your burglar some prior warning, place alarm system warning stickers on visible windows, doors, and your gate. This should act as a deterrent, preventing the burglary attempt from occurring in the first place – and that’s always preferable!

Teach your Family How to Use the Home Security System

A brand new intercom system that lets in your visitors at the press of a button is great for convenience—but it’s only great for security if your family knows how to use it. Ensure that younger family members know never to let in strangers, and to try to get visual confirmation of all visitors, including friends and family, before allowing them on to the property.

Similarly, while a password-protected electronic access system is more secure than the traditional key and lock; its effectiveness can be easily negated if PINs or passwords are given out. Passwords should only be known to those who need them, and should be changed regularly.

Ensure that Security Equipment is Maintained

While there’s no question that smoke detectors save lives, they can only do so if they have been properly maintained, and have fresh batteries. Regularly check wiring and connections to ensure that they have not been damaged, and replace batteries and light bulbs as needed. Outside devices, such as security cameras and lights, should be checked to ensure that they are functioning and have not rusted or been damaged by animals or vandals.

Use it or Lose it

There’s one thing worse than using an alarm or intercom system inappropriately – and that’s not using it all. How many times have you heard someone say that they couldn’t be bothered setting their elaborate alarm system, or that they were worried about not being able to lock the door before the alarm went off? The fact is that these systems can only be useful if they are actually used.

To make the most of your new home security features, always switch on your alarm systems, ensure that your doors and windows are locked, and that your lighting is programmed to turn on at night. While they might seem like time-consuming measures, they’re a far better option than coming home to a burgled home. Home security systems are only as effective as the people using them.

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