Monitor Your Teen’s Driving With Surveillance Cameras

Are you worrying too much about your teens and their driving? There are new surveillance cameras that’ll give you an idea of your kids’ driving habits and you can show them proof before they roll their eyes and deny everything.

Teen driving

Working mommies’ romance with the surveillance cameras starts with nanny cams. They worry about their toddlers left in the care of somebody else. As the kids grow older, they rely on more sophisticated surveillance systems to track their family’s activities at home.

With the toddlers now in their teens and already driving cars, mommies and daddies are becoming frantic. If you have given your teens the privilege of driving their own cars, then better take some measures to make sure they are following safe driving tips.

This concern is legit. More and more teens are involved in car accidents in a ratio of four to one driving adult. Costs for the car surveillance cameras may be steep but when it comes to the matter of your children’s safety and discipline, $950 is trifling.

How do these work?

These cameras are small (like a 9 volt battery) and can be placed under the dashboard of the car. These gadgets record the speeds, sudden stops, and swerves, and sound an alarm when fast acceleration and over speeding are detected. The 10 seconds before the acceleration or speeding is also captured by the cameras.

All these information from car surveillance cameras can be downloaded to your PC. Of course, your son or daughter will know that there is a camera inside their cars. Warn them that they cannot remove or tamper with these if they want to drive their cars.

Helping your teens help themselves

Of course, teenagers can be hard nuts to crack. As parents, your guidance and supervision will help them through their turbulent years. Don’t be pushovers and give in to their every whim.

To make your teens understand that driving is a serious matter, sign a drive safely contract with them. Show them you are serious and you are ready to take away their privileges if they renege.

You can form a teen-drive-watch with your friends who also have their own kids at the wheels. Request your friends to report your kids’ driving habits. This will deter them from gunning down the highways because mom’s and dad’s spies are everywhere.

When is your son or daughter ready to drive?

Before your child can have a car, give him responsibilities and gauge how he or she does these. A responsible teen can be trusted with a car. If he or she is ready, give a lecture on responsible driving. Try to embed these nuggets of wisdom that will someday save a life.

Getting a driver’s license is not the end-all and be-all. Your teens should not be driving alone after he or she gets the license. They should be supervised and log 60 hours of driving with you on board.

While your teen is still getting used to driving, prohibit the use of cell phones and music inside the car. These are dangerous distractions.

So, before you give him the key to the car, secure surveillance cameras. Someday you will be glad you did because you’ll be able to warn him or her of the dangers of reckless driving before it’s too late.


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