Prevent Burglars From Getting Into Your Home With Good Home Security Locks

Did you know that having good home security means more than just having a good security system? Most people don’t realize that there are so many other things that you have to do or get to make sure you have the best security at home as possible. There are all kinds of dangers that can happen when you or your family are at home that you don’t think about until it is too late. One threat that most people know and think about is burglary but did you know that burglars now have a new way of getting into your home, which you can prevent with the right home security locks?

There was a news story done by about lock bumping – a new burglar threat. Most people are not aware of this new way that burglars are using to gain entry into homes until they find themselves victims. You need to take time to research this threat and all other home security threats that you can find so you don’t become a victim. Now, in this news story they state, “If you watch local news or spend time on the internet, you may have heard alarming stories about a new way of picking a lock called lock bumping or key bumping. Security experts in Europe and, more recently, the United States have declared lock bumping a danger to anyone who secures their valuables with pin-tumbler locks, which happens to include the vast majority of American houses.”

You need to take time to find out what type of locks you have on all of the doors that lead into and out of your home. This way you can get them changed to home security locks that are not vulnerable to the lock bumping threat. There are many different types of locks available for home security that will protect your home from this most recent danger. In the news story they state, “There are locks available that are resistant to all kinds of picking, including bumping. High end locks, electronic locks, combination locks, magnetic locks and rotating-disc locks are other choices that are immune to lock bumping.”

You just need to take time to look at all of the home security locks that you find before you choose the ones that will work the best for your home security needs. One that is very popular that you want to research is the Digital Deadbolt Door Lock (Bright Brass). With this high-security digital deadbolt you will be able to unlock the heavy-duty deadbolt by entering a secret code that you choose. Another one that you want to research is the 1200lbs 12 to 24 Volt Magnetic Lock. With no moving parts to bind or wear out, Magnetic Locks are truly fail-safe and meet both security and fire life safety requirements.

Just remember that home security locks are very important to keeping burglars out of your home. You want to make sure you have the best home security possible by getting good locks that are not vulnerable to this new threat. The best way to do that is by researching what is available and taking your time deciding.

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