Security Lights

Summer is here, and you know what that means: vacation. Whether you’re packing the family up and hitting the road or spending your leisure time at home by the pool, it is important to remember that security lights can help reduce crime in your neighborhood.

Statistics prove that crime rates skyrocket during the summer months. Kids are out of school, and families are out of town. Don’t let yourself be an easy target. An unlit home is a tempting invitation for a thief. Thick clusters of trees and shrubs in your yard can be ideal hiding spots. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or away – security lights send a strong message to criminals.

According to the FBI, adequate security lights are the #1 theft deterrent out there. Why wait for your alarm system to go off? Security lights can prevent potential break-ins before they happen.

Security lights can also be an attractive addition to your home. Like most Americans, you’ll probably be working on your yard this summer. Security lights can help you showcase all of your efforts. A few spotlights can add dramatic flair to your home’s exterior while preventing the unwanted drama of an attempted break-in.

You don’t have to be a home improvement expert to make your home and family safer this summer. Security lights are easy to install and many types are even programmable – just set a timer and your home will be illuminated whether you’re grilling burgers in the backyard or catching some sun on a faraway island paradise.

Which Security Lights are Right for You?

• Landscape Lights: Smaller, low-voltage lights that illuminate your front and back yard. These types of lights are perfect for highlighting plants and pathways. Landscape lighting can help with those darker corners around your house and keep your trees and shrubbery from becoming convenient hiding spots for lurking crooks.

• Floodlights: An ever-popular choice, floodlights are extremely bright and can be mounted anywhere – above the garage door, on the side of the house, or out by the pool. Floodlights are a good choice for illuminating a larger area. Floodlights make a great addition to any security lighting setup.

• Motion Detectors: Motion-sensing lights are an excellent way to stop unwanted visitors in their tracks. Bright and noticeable, these lights will stop any intruder by thrusting him into the spotlight – every burglar’s worst nightmare.

In addition to these types of security lights, there are many options available to make your lighting more convenient – from timers to on/off remote key chains, you are sure to find a way to make your security lights easy to use.

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