Security System Monitoring

You might have seen the commercial in which a man tries to break into a house, but an alarm goes off and the burglar runs away. While the alarm is blaring, an operator from the home’s security system’s monitoring company calls the house to make sure everything is alright. That commercial communicates a powerful message about home security: an alarm isn’t always enough. You also need someone to monitor your alarm system.

Who needs security system monitoring?

  • Seniors, Single parents, Kids home alone, Families, Small businesses Benefits of security system monitoring:1)   Security system alarm monitoring makes your home three to four times less likely to be burglarized.    Why take the chance of not having security system monitoring?2)   You can save money. Not only will you prevent the costs associated with break-ins, but you can also save up to 20 percent on your homeowners insurance by having a security system monitor.3)   Security system monitoring offers 24/7 peace of mind because it never takes a day off. Someone will always be watching over you and your family.Make the most of your security system monitorOnce you have a security system monitoring, you will want to maximize its effectiveness. You might be surprised to find out how human error can flaw even the most reliable monitors.Test them. Security system monitors should be tested regularly. You will want to test your system at least once a month but once a week is recommended.Turn them on. What good is having a security system monitor if you never turn it on? Make sure your monitor is on at night and when you leave your house.Tell people about your security system monitor. Lots of burglaries happen because neighbors and acquaintances know your habits and when you will be out of the house. By telling as many people as you can about your new security system monitor, you reduce the chances of a break-in by someone you know.

Security system monitoring will give you the chance to relax and enjoy your vacation because you will know someone is carefully guarding your house and your possessions. You can be certain that you and your loved ones are safe from break-ins, fires, and medical emergencies because security system monitoring means you are never alone and help is just a phone call away

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