Self Defense Curriculum Is Now Being Taught To High School Girls To Prevent Them From Becoming Victims

Do you have a teenage daughter that is in high school right now, but will eventually be leaving for college? There are many parents in this situation right now, but many of these parents don’t think about what can happen to their daughters once they are out on their own, until they have to or until it is too late. You want to ensure that your daughter has taken the time to learn self defense because this will prevent her from becoming a victim. Many high schools have added a self defense curriculum to help ensure that your daughter knows what to do if they are ever attacked.


There have been too many news stories done about young girls being attacked, raped, beaten and other bad things happening to them. The violence in the world is not going to stop because you want it to. So, you have to take the time to make sure your daughter knows self defense so this doesn’t happen to her. Find out now if your daughter’s high school offers a self defense curriculum and if there isn’t one, then you need to find them a class they can take now.


It is a good idea to research what a self defense curriculum will teach your daughter. This will help you make sure they are learning what is important for them to know. One good way to learn about what high school girls are being taught in a class for self defense is to read news stories. There have been many news stories done about classes now being offered for high school students.


One news story that was done by the Coppell Gazette was talking about what the self defense curriculum is teaching high school girls in the classes being offered. They spoke to R.J. Harr of the community services division of the Coppell Police Department. He states, “We have a women’s self-defense course, so what we did was to take it to the senior high school girls to help them be prepared for the outside world. We wanted to give them some skills and techniques to help them in case something happens while they are away at school.”


He goes on to state, “The course will help a higher sense of awareness that may enable the students to avoid dangerous situations. The class will help students develop self-confidence as they realize they can fight back if they choose to do so and they can do some to protect themselves against a person much larger or stronger than they are.”


When your daughter goes to college, you will no longer be there to help them if they should get into trouble. So, it is vital that they know how to protect themselves and a self defense curriculum at their high school or a self defense class can help them achieve this. They also need to carry a tool for defense with them at all times.


One that is popular with women all over the world is the LA9-5001 – LifeAct Guardian Angel non-lethal self defense tool. This is the most advanced non-lethal self defense tool that is available today. Another popular one is the 80112 – Mace Triple Action Police Model 18 Grams. This is the same model used by law enforcement personnel. Both of these can be found at


Don’t wait to find out if your daughter’s high school has a self defense curriculum or to sign them up for a self defense class. Help them learn how to be a survivor and not a victim.

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