Self Defense Safety Tips For Kids To Keep Them Safe Going Back And Forth To School

Do you have kids that walk to school or that walk to the bus stop to wait for the bus each morning? If you do, then it is imperative that you take the time to teach them about self defense safety tips. These tips can help them know what to do if someone should ever bother them when no adult is around.

Another vital thing to do is to sign up your children for a self defense class. This class will teach them to defend themselves and give them confidence in themselves. Your child is putting themselves in danger each time they leave your home without an adult. It is your job to be sure that they can prevent themselves from becoming a victim.

Take time now to find a class they can take. Also take time to learn as many safety tips as possible because this will be helpful in you teaching them the tips. One good way to learn tips is to read the many news stories that have been done about this subject.

There was a news story done about back to school safety tips for kids everywhere to remember. The news story can be found at, Here are the four most important tips they provide that every kid needs to remember, no matter how old you are or what grade you are in.

1. “Always trust your gut. Tell your child if it feels wrong, it probably is wrong.”

2. “Don’t “help” an adult stranger. Teach your child that adults should not be asking them for assistance.”

3. “Stay with the herd. Predators are smart and know of dozens of ways to get your child to leave a protected area. Kids should stay with their group at all times.”

4. “Remember the Four W’s (Who, What, Where and When). When something does happen, teach your child to tell the four W’s immediately.”

All of these tips are important to teach your kids so they will be safe going back and forth to school. Since you can’t always be there with them to keep them safe, you have to be sure that they know how to do it themselves. Don’t just assume that they will know what to do; instead, be absolutely sure by talking to them and teaching them.

Remember that the most important thing you can do is to sign your children up for a self defense class. This will teach them how to defend themselves if they have any problems with someone not leaving them alone. Your kids are the most important thing in this world and it your job to protect them.

By having them take a self defense class and teaching them tips on safety, you will be doing everything possible to make sure they are safe when you are not with them. That is all any parent can do for their children, so don’t delay in doing this with your kids today. You never know when the unthinkable will happen, so be sure your kids are prepared in case it does happen to them at any time.

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