Spy Cameras | Where Are the Best Places to Hide Spy Cameras?

You’d like to think your babysitter is someone you can trust, but how can you be sure?  One way to be absolutely sure is with a spy camera.  If you saw the movie “The Nanny Diaries,” you saw the use of spy cameras.  Unfortunately, the mommies who relied on spy cameras in teddy bears lamented that “the teddy bear has been compromised” when a clever nanny discovered it.

However, as the technology used for spy cameras improves, users are now able to hide them in smaller and harder-to-detect places.  In the 60s, movie spy gadgets included spy cameras in button holes and even in eyeglasses.  Technology has caught up to fantasy as spy cameras now actually fit in tiny button holes, even pinholes.

Button-hole and pinhole spy camera offer the same quality, high-resolution images you get from regular spy cameras, but at a more indiscreet size.  If you want to monitor any part of your home or office without detection, a button-hole camera can be set up inside a stuffed animal, behind a wall clock, even in a plant or in a hollowed-out book.  Clever nannies would have to search high and low to uncover your secret sentry!  Here are some of the best places to hide spy cameras throughout your home:

Spy Cameras in the Den

  • In the Flowers: A potted, leafy plant is an excellent place for tiny spy cameras.
  • In a Light Switch: Hide a camera behind a light switch panel and tell everyone the switch is “not working.”  They’ll ignore it, but you won’t ignore them.
  • By the TV: There are already so many electronics piled around the TV – the cable box, Tivo, Xbox, Wii, DVD player, and so on – that nobody would notice an extra device sitting over there.  Just make sure it doesn’t blatantly look like a spy camera.  It could be taken for a wireless router or simply another random one of the TV’s accessories.

Spy Cameras in the Bedroom

  • Inside Toys: Yes, teddy bears have been compromised, but there are tons of other toys you can hide spy cameras in.  For example, a small plastic toy might be completely overlooked.
  • In a Curtain Rod: It’s above most people’s head, it’s rarely inspected, and most people won’t even think to look there for a camera.  A small enough camera can fit inside a hollow curtain rod.  Just be sure there’s a hole for the viewfinder to “spy” from!
  • By the Computer: Just like the TV, computers always have tons of “stuff” around them –  routers, modems, speakers, disk towers, etc.  A spy camera would blend in with the other equipment.
  • On a Shelf: A hollowed-out book would be fairly inconspicuous.  Or a picture frame, with the camera behind it.

Spy Cameras in The Kitchen

  • On Top of the Fridge: If you’ve got a lot of other stuff piled up there, a camera can be hidden in amongst it all.
  • In a Box: Just make sure it’s a box nobody would pick up.  For example, a really old box of pancake mix.
  • In a Cup: Stick the camera inside an old plastic novelty cup with a hole in it.  If the cup has a dark design on it, nobody would notice the tiny hole.

Tiny spy cameras can be hidden almost anywhere you can imagine.  Only a truly determined person would be able to find them – and not without tearing up the house first!

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