The Advantage Of Weapons For Self Defense

Self defense is a growing concern for many people as crime rates are soaring. Personal crimes are also growing as many more people are becoming desperate for money. Weapons for self defense are a great way to protect you and help ward off this type of attack.

There are many weapons available when it comes to self defense and you may want to explore which type of weapon you want to use personally. You should always try out a weapon before you make a purchase and make sure that you feel comfortable with it and you can use it properly. You may have a friend or relative that has a self defense product you are interested in and you can get valuable information from them about that specific product and their opinion which can help you make an advanced decision.

You can look online to find the largest selection of products and to obtain information. You may even find an online community that can provide a wealth of information about self defense weapons. This is a great way to meet new people and when you purchase a product you can provide your own feedback to help others.

A news story recently reported at, offered the following advice, “Cell phones are particularly useful if a person’s car breaks down, Doll said, and they also come in handy when a driver is being followed by another car. If a person being pursued doesn’t have a cell phone, he said, the driver should go to a well-populated area and honk the horn.”

The most well known product for self defense on the market today is pepper spray. Pepper spray can be very effective if you use it properly. You should always practice using your pepper spray at least once to make sure that you have the feel for it.

You can also use a personal alarm to help keep you safe. Some alarms work by using two pieces of metal that fit together and if one becomes dislodged a loud siren will sound drawing attention to the situation. This is a non lethal way to get out of a situation and escape to safety. Many criminals will not want you to do anything that will cause attention to be drawn to them and will avoid making a scene and will leave very quickly.
A simple self defense tool anyone can carry including children is a whistle. It does the same thing as a personal alarm and will draw immediate attention to a situation. A whistle can be kept easily on a key ring or worn around the wrist or neck for easy access.

You can also use a tazer type device that will emit an electrical shock into your attacker and give you the moments needed to get away. This needs to be used with extreme caution and you should fully know how to use and operate this type of tool before you carry it with you for protection.

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