VISTA 15P Talking Wireless Security System

Do you need to find good security for your home or business? Then you need to learn more about the Ademco Vista Talking Wireless Alarm. This alarm offers hardwired expansion, graphic keypad support, two wire smoke detectors, scheduling options and a host of user features. This gives you the most panel for your dollar.

There are also six on-board hardwired zones standards. The Kit4 improves upon the features of Kit3 with the addition of the 5881ENM wireless receiver. You will definitely be able to make your home or business more secure with this alarm kit. The features that are included help you have the best security possible.

The features for the Ademco Vista Talking Wireless Alarm includes, 6 hardwire zones, which is expandable up to 32 zones total, 16 wireless zones, 50 event log viewable at the keypad with time/date stamp, and 32 user codes. These features all help with security in different ways.

The hardwire zones will give you a way to secure all the areas of your home or business that are vulnerable. So, it doesn’t matter how big your property is, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have the best security available today. The 16 wireless zones are a great way to cover areas that can’t be secured with hardwires. This will allow you to secure not only your house, or the building where your business is, but also all of the areas outside that are vulnerable.

Having a way to record the different zones and what happens in them is important in case there is ever a problem with a crime happening. You will be able to look at the log and see what time and date the crime occurred. Then you can give this information to the proper authorities. Knowing about the features is important because you can see how this kit will secure your home or business, but you also need to know what is included in this kit.

The Ademco Vista Talking Wireless Alarm kit 4 includes, Vista 15P control panel, 6160V talking Alpha keypad, 5881ENM wireless receiver, Aurora motion detector, Wave2 Indoor siren, 12 volt 4AH battery, 16.5 volt transformer, and a cam lock. All of these things will let you set everything up so that you have the best protection possible.

The motion detector will sense any motion around your property and when it is detected, the alarm will sound. This will set off the indoor siren alerting anyone present that there is possible danger. This will give you time to call for help or get everyone to safety. Plus, when the siren sounds indoors, it will also scare off the burglar and if it doesn’t then others will be alerted and will call for help if you can’t.

The Ademco Vista Talking Wireless Alarm will definitely provide your home or business with the best security possible. You want to make sure that you do everything you can to protect your family and property because you never know when the unthinkable will happen. So, don’t delay, get this alarm kit to help you make your home, or business as secure as it can be.

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