Visonic Powermax Plus | Wireless alarms system reviews

What’s the fuss–Great system
I don’t know what all the fuss is about programming this visonic powemax plus security system? I have never programmed any alarm system and I did not find it hard at all. This system is jam packed with features. The only complaint I have is with the K9-85 motion sensor, I don’t know if mine is bad or what, but the thing is just not reliable at all. The MCT-302 window and door sensors are awesome, except for the fact that they are a little large. The contact sensors work so well I ordered 13 more for every window, door, shed, etc. in my house. I found that this will give me better protection if I protect every perimeter opening rather than relying on the motion sensor which doesn’t work well in my opinion. I also ordered an external and internal wired sirens to I don’t have to use the control panel siren. This will allow me to not draw attention to the control panel and hide it in a place that is hard to find. I would have given all 5’s if not for the motion sensor troubles.

Very Pleased
Easy to install, easy to program – after a short learning curve – easy to use, works exactly as you would expect. I’m very pleased with this system. When I tell folks about how it works and about all the things it can do (of which I only use a portion) and what I paid for it, they are amazed. Heck, I’m still amazed. This is the only residential alarm system I’ve used personally so I may not have much perspective, but I highly recommend it.

Good system
I am very impressed with the Powermax + system. The ability to add so many monitors and sensors is really impressive. Take a few minutes to read the instructions and once you understand them, programming is a breaze. The only downside is the main panel is not very attractive. I placed it out of sight and used some remote sirens.

Great Sysytem for the money
The system rocks but the manuals suck. The manual takes for granted that you know about this type of systems and they use abbreviations that are not explained such as UL, which appears all over the place as in doing a UL installation. However, if you are a bit good with this kind of electronic things you can figure it out without major problems. Basically, with a good manual I could have done everything in 2-3 hours instead of 6-8. I bought it with the GSM wireless communications device and worked really well. By the way, when you enter the phones the system should call in case of emergency, enter the number as you would dial it in your phone (i.e., 1-555-555-5555) otherwise it does not work.

Good system.
I ordered this system on a Monday was delivered on Friday and was totally installed by the end of the day Saturday. This is a good system, but the instructions when you first look at them can be confusing. The instruction are great for an installer but for the average home owner they could be more user friendly, but after some time you will get how it works. I almost purchased the Ademco Lynx unit but went with this one because it is easier to install and has more features and better wireless range. I purchased 6 glass breaks, 11 contacts, 1 motion sensor, two keychain remotes, and the MKP- 150 keypad. All of it works perfectly. My only complaint is the main unit is huge and kind of ugly, but you usually want to install that in a hidden or remote place using the keypad remote for the front door way so someone cant smash the main unit coming in. The contact sensor seem a little big too, however, I talk to a sales rep at another website and these sensors have a good wireless range thru walls(about 144ft) according to their tests. I would recommend this system to anyone, but you will need to spend some time reading and planning carefully of your install. Good luck!

great overall system
if you want just to start out simple and then plan ahead for a more complete system…then this is the one for you….the only set back..the user and installers guides! very poorly put together…i found that even after reading it twice i still found myself scratching my head…the reason- the guide just isnt easily understandable the way it is organized in its headings and subheadings and subsub headings and subsubsub headings…you get the drift. other that that hurdle…it is a great system with more than what is needed in range…dont waste your money buying the extra range transmitters…one thing i never read which i thought was important to me…the powerplus only accepts 2 visonic wireless sirens, which luckily for me is all i needed. conclusion: awesome system, homesecurity store = awesome site, read read read all blogs before you decide on a system.

New System…Happy
First time installer and would highly recommend system. Took about 8 hours to test system on work bench then install …including five X10 lighting switches. Only hold backs for me were realizing that mounting bracket must be on system to clear CPU tamper open alert. Could have shaved a couple hours off install time had I realized sooner. I guess it should have been obvious. System works beautifully!

Powerful System
A DIY installation that is a fairly easy to install/program/operate and has many powerful features. In my case, a recent break-in led me to do a lot of reading and due diligence. In the end, the basic $240 Powermax+Kit2 DIY fit my needs/desires. I did opt to include upgrades for additional W/L sensors. As others have stated, the Instruction Manual leaves a lot to be desired but can be deciphered by a handy DIY homeowner that has a bit of technical know how. One aspect that took me a while to realize is that, like the info for the code number for the types of zones, the 28 pre-programed zone names (Living Room etc) correspond to the numerical name list order… 1=Attic; 2=Back Door etc The manual failed to annotate the number to the zone name. The two W/L motion detectors cover a large area and most all of my hall such that it offers backup coverage if a perimeter zone is breached without detection. After 2-weeks of self monitoring with our pet cat freely roaming, not one alarm — yet its now a game for us to see the LEDs light up when we walk around. Installed a W/L mag contact on the backyard shed door and it still has a strong signal at ~100′ away to the main panel in a hall closet. in the middle of the house. Overall, I now have monitored– 7-windows; garage ovhd door (door contact tape mounted on screw drive slider); 3-doors; glass slider door; two W/L motion detectors; W/L Stand Alone keypad for the MBR; siren indoors w/hardwired strobe & separate siren on front porch and W/L smoke detector. With standalone glass break sensor alarms, total equipment ~$1K. Used dbl-sided tape for contacts-works great Just finished completing contract via fax/phone with Alarm Relay- Even easier with their call programming the system via phone down load-w/monitoring of the W/L smoke detector, qualifies for 20% off home ins –Highly recommend-Powermax+Kit2; Home Security Store; Alarm Relay

everything and then some!
First, let me say the instruction books were a little tough to follow. You must read them very carefully. After several attempts to program the transmitters, I called the tech. staff and they walked me through it with total success! This unit has all the bells and whistles one could expect from high-end security systems. customizing settings to fit your needs is a Breeze. overall I am very pleased with this unit, and the tech. staff is unmatched anywhere! The only downfall I can see is battery replacement. batteries range in price from $8.00 – $12.00 each, but thats a far cry from replacing your stolen posessions!

Love it
I love this system. It was my first attempt at installing a system and it did take me about 4 days at a few hours a day. I used basic tools and a permanent marker to mark all the extra sensors when I installed them in zones. The manual is a bit tricky, so some tips from a former teacher: enroll means hook up to the system once you program a zone, it seems to go back to enrolling the same zone. press next again the siren is loud and I set it off twice when enrolling window sensors, so I taped them shut after I enrolled them I put them up with double faced 3 M heavy duty tape before I tested the system rather than screwing them in at first there are 3 of us so I bought an extra key fob and we can set the system on or off from easily 100 feet away from the house I hid the main controller and bought an extra MP150 for the kitchen, both talk to me with a delay of second from the kitchen unit I bought 2 glass break sensors for windows that don’t open as well I use the monitoring station recommended here and they are great, called us immediately the few times we set off the system by accident. Also called me I had a dead battery in one sensor, which is my only complaint. The sensor is only a month old, I replaced the battery as instructed, but it is now not functioning as it should. I am going to replace it .

Great value for the price
I have to admit that at first the programming was a bit of a struggle but the sensors were relatively easy to work with. except….I absolutely do not like infrared motion detectors!! I’ve had problems in the past and the one that comes with this system is no exception. I purchased one of the digital ones at the same time and it was a piece of cake. I ended up getting 2 more of those and still am not using the infrared…By the time I got through fighting with the zone assigned to the infrared and not getting it to work consistently I was familiar enough with the programming process that it’s really easy once you get used to it and is now a breeze to add extra zones or make changes. Very reliable system overall and no false alarms. I’d like to add the fire alarm and perhaps an outdoor alarm if I can find one that I think is worth the time and money. I’ve had it installed about 6-8 weeks now and so far I’m very very pleased.

Great Product
We purchased this system for our vacation home after a break-in. It really is simple to use once you decipher the manual. The installation manual is probably better suited for someone who regularly installs alarm systems. It took my husband and I approximately 8 hours to install and program the system. In testing, we received the first phone call from the system within seconds after the alarm was sounded. We added a wireless outdoor siren and smoke detector and I plan on adding more smoke detectors and door sensors. I am very pleased with our purchase. Just be prepared to spend some time in the installation process. We had a system professionally installed at our home and this one has so many more features, plus we don’t have to call someone else every time we want to reprogram a feature. (Some things can only be programmed with the master installer code.) The listen-in feature is a great plus for us.

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