Wireless Security Systems Offer Economical but Comprehensive Protection

Is it time you considered a wireless security system? When you lock your front door is your home really protected? If you have no security system at all, the answer is, probably not. A deadbolt is not a security system and determined thieves will find a way into your home. If you are considering improving your home or business security but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, then a wireless security system will provide you with great security at very little cost.

As most wireless security systems can be DIY installations, what you save on installation costs can go towards getting a few more bells and whistles with your kit. For example the Visionic Powermax Plus Wireless Home Security System will start to protect your home in a few short minutes. It comes with a control pad that can be operated by a remote control or through your touch-tone phone or internet connected computer. When the system is armed, the two door or window alarm motion sensors send a signal to the control pad, which then sends a message to your phone or email.

You don’t need to worry about your furry friends triggering the alarm as it can detect the difference between your cat or dog and a human presence. You can purchase additional alarms and cameras can be added to the system with images transmitted in real time to your computer.

One of the benefits of a wireless system is that you can add additional hardware to your security system as your budget allows or your need expands – and you can easily do it yourself. You’re not faced with the prospect of upgrading an entire security system. Even if you need a contractor to install the kit for you, there is less installation time required.

Keyless locks can be added to your system so you never have to worry about lost or stolen keys again. You can also add sensor lights that switch on as you approach your front door. Not only will you never have to fumble in the dark for your keys, but shining a light on potential intruders can be a quick and effective deterrent. Other additions to your wireless security system can include smoke sensors and temperature sensors. You can also get an emergency dialler feature which can call a number of pre-programmed numbers with an emergency recorded message so help can be sent right away.

Wireless security systems have the potential to save you and your family from harm and protect your property with very little up-front cost. Because most will send a message to a number of pre-selected phone numbers and emails you won’t need to pay monitoring fees, so there’s no ongoing monthly cost.

Once you have installed your wireless security system, have a chat with your home insurer. They may consider reducing your premium because a more secure home is less of a risk for your insurance carrier. You might even find that the savings from your reduced premiums over a couple of years will just about cover the cost of your wireless security system.

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